Course contents



First year


No. Course code Course  
1. Ф-I-1 Introduction to Pharmacy  
2. Ф-I-2 Mathematics  
3. Ф-I-3 Physics  
4. Ф-I-4 Biology with human genetics  
5. Ф-I-5 Anatomy  
6. Ф-I-6 General and inorganic chemistry  
7. Ф-I-7 Organic chemistry 1  
8. Ф-I-8 Physical education *  
9. Ф-I-9 English language  
10. Ф-I-10 Histology and embryology  
11. Ф-I-11 Botany  
12. Ф-I-12 Physical chemistry  
13. Ф-I-13 Analytical chemistry 1  


Second year


No. Course code Course  
14. Ф-II-14 Analytical chemistry 2  
15. Ф-II-15 Organic chemistry 2  
16. Ф-II-16 Instrumental methods of chemical analysis  
17. Ф-II-17 General biochemistry  
18. Ф-II-18 Physiology  
19. Ф-II-19 Basics of pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry of inorganic compounds  
20. Ф-II-20 Microbiology and basics of immunology  
21. Ф-II-21 Pharmaceutical immunology  
22. Ф-II-22 Bromatology  
23. Ф-II-23 Pharmacognosy 1  


Third year


No. Course code Course  
24. Ф-III-24 Pharmaceutical chemistry of organic compounds 1  
25. Ф-III-25 Pharmacognosy 2  
26. Ф-III-26 Pathophysiology  
27. Ф-III-27.а Radiopharmacy  
Ф-III-27.б Chemistry of bioelements  
Ф-III-27.в Heterocycle chemistry  
Ф-III-27.г Colloid chemistry  
Ф-III-27.д Isolation and synthesis of secondary metabolites  
Ф-III-27.ђ Pharmaceutical biology of the cell  
Ф-III-27.е Mineral substances – chemistry and biological significance  
Ф-III-27.ж Taxonomy of medicinal plants  
28. Ф-III-28 Pharmacology  
29. Ф-III-29 Pharmaceutical chemistry of organic compounds 2  
30. Ф-III-30 Pharmaceutical technology 1  
31. Ф-III-31 Statistics in pharmacy  
32. Ф-III-32.а Informatics  
Ф-III-32.б Introduction to research work  
Ф-III-32.в Communication skills  
Ф-III-32.г Genetics in pharmacy  


Fourth year


No. Course code Course  
33. Ф-IV-33 Analysis of drugs  
34. Ф-IV-34 Medical biochemistry  
35. Ф-IV-35 Phytotherapy 1  
36. Ф-IV-36 Pharmaceutical technology 2  
37. Ф-IV-37 Pharmacotherapy  
38. Ф-IV-38 Dietetics  
39. Ф-IV-39 Pharmacokinetics  
40. Ф-IV-40 Cosmetology  
41. Ф-IV-41.а Analysis of phenolic compounds in natural products  
Ф-IV-41.б Water in pharmacy  
Ф-IV-41.в Medicinal natural products  
Ф-IV-41.г Packaging materials in pharmacy  
Ф-IV-41.д Analytics of pharmaceutical substances in biological and food samples  
Ф-IV-41.ђ Chemoinformatics  
Ф-IV-41.е Adverse effects of drugs  
Ф-IV-41.ж Self-care and self-treatment  
Ф-IV-41.з Current instrumental methods in pharmacy  
Ф-IV-41.и Fundamentals of pharmacogenetics and personalized therapy  


Fifth year


No. Course code Course  
42. Ф-V-42 Toxicology  
43. Ф-V-43 Biopharmacy  
44. Ф-V-44 Basics of industrial pharmacy  
45. Ф-V-45 Clinical pharmacy  
46. Ф-V-46 Basics of pharmaceutical biotechnology  
47./48. Ф-V-47/48.а Drugs and pregnancy  
Ф-V-47/48.б Introduction to clinical medicine  
Ф-V-47/48.в Pharmacotherapy of cardiovascular diseases  
Ф-V-47/48.г Basics of pharmaceutical management  
Ф-V-47/48.д Pharmacoepidemiology  
Ф-V-47/48.ђ Pre-clinical study of biologically active substances in cellular models in vitro  
Ф-V-47/48.е Phytotherapy2  
Ф-V-47/48.ж Marketing in pharmacy  
Ф-V-47/48.з Sports pharmacy  
Ф-V-47/48.и Interprofessional education  
49. Ф-V-49 Pharmacy law and ethics  
50. Ф-V-50 Pharmacy practice  
51. Ф-V-51 Professional student practice  
52. Ф-V-52 Diploma paper  



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