Student parliament



The Student Parliament is an organ through which students realize their rights and protect their interests at the Faculty.

Student organizations candidate their members for Student Parliament representatives, and the election for parliament members is done by direct voting. All the students admitted in the election year have the right to elect and to be elected for Student Parliament members. The mandate term of Student Parliament members is one year. Student Parliament members are elected each year by direct and confidential voting, by study years.

The Student Parliament has 45 members, as follows:

  • 19 members from each study year and from each accredited study program (1 per each study year and from each program).
  • 26 members elected from the list of candidates by student organizations, proportionally to the number of votes won by organization candidate lists at the election, following the proportional system.

The procedure of running and voting for Student Parliament members is elaborated in detail in the Rulebook for the procedure of Student Parliament elections at the Faculty. For the election, the Student Affairs Department composes the voter list and sends it to the Election Commission and the Dean. Elected are those candidates who win most votes at the election. If two or more candidates win the same number of votes, the election is repeated for those candidates in the period of 7 days. For a Student Parliament member who no longer has the student status, the mandate is terminated on the day he lost the student status, and additional elections are organized in the period of 15 days. The Dean and the Vice Deans may attend the sessions of the Parliament.

At its session of December 11, 2012, the Student Parliament adopted the Rulebook of the Student Parliament Work.



  • Elects and removes the president and vice president of the Student Parliament
  • Elects and removes student vice dean
  • Adopts the Rulebooks of Parliament work and the procedure of Parliament election
  • Involvement in the establishment of Student Parliament bodies
  • Elects and removes student representatives in the Faculty organs and bodies
  • Adopts yearly plan and program of the Student Parliament
  • Discusses the questions related to quality assurance and assessment of the teaching, study program reforms, analysis of the effectivity of studying, establishment of ECTS credits, improvement of student mobility, advancement of student research activities, protection of student rights and improvement of student standard of living
  • Organizes and realizes non-curricular student activities
  • Effectuates student interfaculty and international collaboration
  • Elects and removes student representatives in the organs and bodies of other institutions and associations, in accordance with the general documents of these institutions and associations, or faculties.
  • Presents his opinions about pedagogical work in the teacher election proceedings
  • Adopts yearly Report of the Student Parliament work submitted by the Parliament president
  • Performs other tasks in accordance with the Law on Higher Education, Faculty Statute and general documents of the Faculty.




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