Study programs of integrated and vocational studies at the Faculty of Medicine are realized during the school year that begins on October 1 of the current year, and ends on September 30 next year. School year consists of autumn and spring semester. The fall semester begins on October 1st and spring on February 15th. The realization of the study program lasts 15 teaching weeks per semester. The summer holiday starts on July 15th and lasts until August 20th.

Study programs are conducted according to the curriculum that is in accordance with the general act of the Senate of the University, passed by the Teaching-Scientific Council of the Medical Faculty.

The curriculum is determined by:

  • teachers and associates who conduct classes according to the study program;
  • places of teaching;
  • beginning and ending, as well as the timetable for teaching;
  • forms of teaching (theoretical and practical lessons, seminars, consultations, field work, examination of knowledge, etc.);
  • exams, exams and knowledge tests;
  • a list of literature for study and examination;
  • the possibility of teaching in a foreign language;
  • the possibility of carrying out distance education;
  • other important facts for proper teaching.





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