The internal projects of the Faculty of Medicine significantly contribute to the advancement of science in terms of the number of papers published in journals on SCI sheets and doctoral dissertations resulting from these projects.




Project number Project name Project manager
38. Analysis of morphological distribution of molecular indicators of regenerative potentials of different human and experimental animal diferons Goran Radenković, PhD, Full professor
39. Investigation of protective effects of various antioxidants encapsulated in nanoliposomes in in vitro and in vivo experimental models Nenad Stojiljković, PhD, Associate Professor
40. Synthesis and biological evaluation of new inhibitors of medically significant oxidoreductases and hydrolases Jelena Lazarević, PhD, Associate Professor
41. Positive HPV test from the cervix - significance and further procedure Radomir Zivadinović, PhD, Full professor
42. Influence of immunomodulatory and pharmacokinetic properties of fentanyl and alfentanil on variability of therapeutic response in the postoperative period in pediatric patients Goran Marjanović, PhD, Full professor
43. Analysis of the intestinal microbiota in patients with type 2 diabetes - observational study Danijela Radojković, PhD, Associate Professor
44. Importance of new biomarkers of neuroinflammation in early diagnosis and prediction of the clinical course of Alzheimer's disease Jelena BašićPhD, Associate Professor
45. Neo-epitopes and their role in chronic inflammation, carcinogenesis and fibrosis. Protective effect of polyphenolic compounds Andrej Veljković, PhD, Associate Professor
46. Analysis of circulating biomarkers and their prognostic significance in the monitoring of cardiovascular and general mortality in patients with chronic heart failure Dijana Stojanović, PhD, Assistant Professor
47. Clinical and basic research of the orofacial region and dentoalveolar complex Radmila Obradović,PhD, Associate Professor
48. Biological markers of inflammation in hospitalized, previously untreated patients with the first psychotic episode with schizophrenic symptoms Olivera Žikić, PhD, Associate Professor
49. nalysis of genes associated with neurodegeneration in schizophrenia Vladimir Đorđević,PhD, Assistant Professor
50. Prognostic value of clinical, nuclear morphometric, immunohistochemical and molecular characteristics of skin cancer of the periorbital region Predrag Kovačević, PhD, Full professor
51. Molecular mechanisms of ischemic-reperfusion damage during liver resection Miroslav Stojanović, PhD, Full professor
52. Assessment of the potential of selected synthetic and herbal medicinal substances for local off-label application on the skin Dragana R. Pavlović, PhD, Associate Professor
53. Biomarkers of myocardial fibrosis, myocardial necrosis, hemodynamic stress and inflammation in patients undergoing myocardial surgical revascularization Milan Pavlović, PhD, Full professor
54. Predictive significance of markers of fibrosis, angiogenesis, inflammation and endothelial dysfunction for myocardial remodeling in patients with kidney transplantation Branka Mitić, PhD, Assistant Professor
55. Application of modern technologies in the diagnosis of protozoal infection caused by Giardia lamblia and distribution of identified genotypes Natasa Miladinovic-Tasić, PhD, Associate Professor
56. Influence of gene polymorphisms of angiogenetic and hemostatic regulators on endometrial receptivity Maja Milojković,PhD, Full professor
57. Analysis of biocompatibility and osteointegration potential of titanium implants with bone structures on animal models Nebojsa Stojanović,PhD, Full professor
58. Analysis of the efficiency and safety of the application of the negative pressure method in the treatment of complicated wounds in children Dragoljub Živanović,PhD, Assistant Professor
59. Clinical and epidemiological examination of neurodegenerative optic diseases Predrag Jovanović, PhD, Full professor
60. Morphological and functional neuroradiological biomarkers in the diagnosis of dementia Dragan Stojanov, PhD, Full professor
61. Influence of hemostasis parameters on treatment outcomes in dialysis patients Zorica Dimitrijević, PhD, Assistant Professor
62. Comparative analysis of echosonography, computed tomography, nuclear magnetic resonance, scintigraphy and thermal infrared diagnostic system with pathohistological findings in inflammatory and tumor lesions of the head and neck Dragan Krasić, PhD, Full professor
63. Influence of parameters of chronic inflammation and oxidative stress on the course and prognosis of chronic diseases Hristina Stamenković, PhD, Associate Professor
64. Total hip arthroplasty after an earlier acetabulum fracture Sasa Milenković, PhD, Full professor
65. Prevalence and incidence of hypervirulent strains of Clostridium difficile in Serbia Predrag Stojanović, PhD, Associate Professor
66. Influence of epidemiological, clinical and morphological characteristics of liver cirrhosis on the course and prognosis of the disease Goran Bjelaković, PhD, Full professor
67. Qualitative and quantitative analysis, pharmacological testing of bioactive compounds and development of formulations of pharmaceutical products Jelena V. Zivković, PhD, Associate Professor
68. Phytochemical and pharmacological tests of selected medicinal plant species of the families Lamiaceae, Rosaceae and Apiaceae Bojana Miladinović, PhD, Assistant Professor
69. Complications in the treatment of open fractures of the lower leg Zoran Golubović, PhD, Full professor
70. Development and design of new therapeutics using the in silico method Aleksandar Veselinović, PhD, Associate Professor



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