Departments and department assembly


The Faculty organizes a department for one or more related scientific fields.

  • DEPARTMENT consists of all teachers and associates who have been selected for the appropriate, respectively, appropriate scientific fields. The Chair can be established for a narrow scientific field with at least 5 teachers. Rare scientific areas that do not have the necessary number of teachers, establish a common department for mutual affinity. Exceptionally, a teacher or associate can be a member of several departments, which is regulated by a special act of the Faculty.
  • MORE DEPARTMENT is a professional body that consists of all teachers of the department. The Chair of the Department and the Senior Chair are headed by the Head of the Department.


Department Anatomy
Department Histology and embryology
Department Physiology
Department Biochemistry
Department Microbiology and immunology
Department Pathology
Department Pathophysiology
Department Pharmacology with toxicology
Department Internal medicine and patient care
Department Dermatovenerology
Department Neurology
Department Psychiatry with medical psychology
Department Surgery and Anesthesiology and reanimatology
Department Pediatrics
Department Gynecology with obstetrics
Department Forensic medicine
Department Emergency medicine
Department Otorhinolaryngology
Department Ophthalmology
Department Oncology
Department Dental diseases and endodontics
Department Dental prosthetics
Department Oral medicine and Parodontology
Department Chemistry
Department Pharmacy
Narrow scientific field Biology with human genetics
Narrow scientific field Physics
Narrow scientific field Medicine and society
Narrow scientific field Medical statistics and informatics
Narrow scientific field English language
Narrow scientific field Physical Education
Narrow scientific field Mathematics and Informatics
Narrow scientific field Social medicine
Narrow scientific field Hygiene with medical ecology
Narrow scientific field Radiology
Narrow scientific field Nuclear medicine
Narrow scientific field Infectivity
Narrow scientific field Epidemiology
Narrow scientific field Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Narrow scientific field Occupational medicine
Narrow scientific field Preventive and child dentistry
Narrow scientific field Jaw orthopedics
Narrow scientific field Oral surgery
Narrow scientific field Maxillofacial surgery



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