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The Faculty of Medicine in Nis was founded by the Law on Universities, which was adopted by the then National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia on 18 May 1960. That year, 142 students were enrolled in the medical section and 62 stuens on the dental section.

The first professors were elected Nikola Djuknić, Ph.D., professor Borivoje Cosic and dr Mladen Simic for assistant professors, while for assistants Ester Mrcaric, Vojislav Zoric, Miodrag Jankovic, Zivojin Trickovic, Zvonimir Vukušić, dr Rade Tijanic, dr Siniša Vasić, dr Srboljub Đorđević, Dr Milić Aleksić, Dr Spira Strahinjić and Dr. Velimir Savić. For the first dean, Dr. Nikola Đuknić, the famous surgeon from Niš, was elected.

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Since at the time of the establishment of the Medical Faculty there were no funds for the construction of a building, the newly established higher education institution was located in the building of the Medical School. Teaching for the first generation of the Faculty began on October 17, 1960. The first lecture was held by prof. Dr. Pavle Trpinac, Professor of Chemistry at the Medical Faculty in Belgrade. The first lecture in clinical teaching was held by prof. Dr. Bozidar Djordjevic two years after the beginning of the work of the Faculty.
Five years after the beginning of the work of the Medical Faculty, the University of Niš was established, and the Medical Faculty became one of its pillars.

The first master studies were started in school 1970/71. year from preventive medicine and the following years from other fields of medicine and dentistry.

The first clinic formed by the Faculty of Medicine, by the decision of its Council, was the ORL clinic that began its work on 1.1.1969.

Two years later, the Council of the Faculty of Medicine made the decision to establish clinics, institutes and institutes from the previous departments of the Clinical Hospital as teaching, scientific and work units of the Faculty of Medicine, thus creating conditions for the work and development of each clinic. In the same year, the working people of newly-formed clinics, institutes and institutes in a referendum pleaded to join in a complex work organization - the Community of the Clinic, Institute and Institute (KIZ) on the principles of the Law on Associated Labor. The dental clinic, which was formed in 1960, has grown in 1964 in the Dental Clinic. By the decision of the Council of the Medical Faculty, the Institute for Nephrology and Hemodialysis was formed in 1972, which is a great success in the field of professional, scientific and health field. In order to better achieve the health function, the Faculty of Medicine on 4 October 1971 envisaged in its Statute the Health Care Council.

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All these data show that in the first twenty years of the Faculty's work, the most is done in development, starting from the creation of personnel, the development of scientific work, by providing spatial conditions for teaching on pre-clinical subjects and especially on building new spatial capacities for teaching on clinical subjects.

The next twenty years of the work of the Medical Faculty (1980-2000) is a period of further rise.

In January 1992, the Faculty of Medicine started working with the Interuniversity Center in Lugano-Switzerland, on the basis of a contract concluded between the University and the Medical School from Nis on the one hand and this International Association on the other. The cooperation took place in the field of education of medical and dental medicine students from Italy and Switzerland.

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For the fifth decade of the work of the Faculty, efforts have been made to overcome all problems caused by war, sanctions and transition, and to join the Faculty of Medicine in the family as soon as possible. Thanks to the enthusiasm and perseverance of all employees, and in particular the management, the Faculty of Medicine, slowly but surely, overcame almost all the difficulties and with its activities followed the modern trends in education, science and profession.

The period after the forty-year anniversary is characterized by events that will certainly affect the further development and the fate of the Faculty of Medicine.

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  • School 2002/03. the first generation of students in the pharmacy study group (56 students) was enrolled and thus started the education of graduated pharmacists at the Faculty of Medicine in Nis and the first student graduated in July 2007.
  • School 2003/04. the first generation of students was enrolled in a three-year vocational study group of nursing care and in June 2006 graduated the first student in this study group.
  • Additionally, study programs on all study programs have been modified in accordance with the Bologna process of reform, and according to this program, classes have been carried out since the school year 2007/08. years. In line with the Bologna reform process, the 2007/08 school year. the first generation of medical and dental medicine students were enrolled in Academic Doctoral Studies immediately after completed integrated academic studies.

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In 2005, a Medical Information Center with an electronic library was established with the help of the American non-profit organization "Wred international" with over 100 thousand textbooks and magazines. After that, the Faculty became a member of "KoBSON" and thus created opportunities for all teachers, associates and students to use world medical literature.

At the end of 2007, a video conference room was set up at the Medical Faculty in WUS project and on January 30, 2008, the first teleconference took place. Presentation from the Faculty of Medicine was prof. Dr Marina Deljanin-Ilić, and the work of teleconferencing was centered in centers in Marburg, Bad Nauheim and Nis. The topic of the conference was "Acute problems in heart failure".

In early 2008, part of the WUS project, partly from the Faculty's resources, an Emergency Medicine Office was established with complete and modern equipment for education of students and doctors.

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  • During 2005 a Center for Quality Control and Improvement was established, which was led by Academician prof. Dr Vladisav Stefanovic.
  • In mid-2006, the Faculty of Medicine was accredited as a scientific-research organization, and in March 2008, the Medical Faculty in Nis received the first accreditation by the Commission for Accreditation and Quality Control of the Republic of Serbia. On this occasion, 16 study programs were accredited.
  • Teaching on health subspecializations, in accordance with the Law on Health Care, has begun since 2006.
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In the period 2001-2005. at the Faculty, 22 scientific projects were completed, financed by the Ministry of Science of the Government of Serbia, then three WUS Foundation projects from Austria and three TEMPUS projects. In the period 2006-2010. five scientific projects of the Faculty financed by the Ministry of Science of the Government of Serbia and two TEMPUS projects were completed, and 28 scientific national and international projects were attended by the teachers of the Faculty of Medicine together with other faculties from the country and abroad.

In the period 2011-2018. five projects are financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, two projects in the field of basic research, one project in the field of technological development and two projects in the field of integral and interdisciplinary research. Also, researchers from the Faculty of Medicine in Nis have been engaged in a total of 32 projects with leaders from other scientific research organizations.

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Within the framework of the joint project: "Improving the Higher Education System in Serbia", implemented through cooperation between the European Union and the Council of Europe, the team of quality assessment experts in November 2009 made the first external evaluation of our Faculty as a higher education institution in the Republic of Serbia.

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In mid-2009, the Faculty of Medicine in Niš laid the foundation stone for the building of the annex and completed its building in October 2010, opening one of the most modern city buildings with a superbly equipped study space and professional conditions for studying science. 

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In order to keep up with the times and meet the requirements of modern times, with maximum efforts, the Faculty of Medicine continuously improves the quality of teaching, both lectures and exercises, as well as the equipment and facilities for the latest equipment, as for students studying dentistry as well as pharmacy.

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Faculty of Medicine in Niš, the first among the Niš faculties for the re-accreditation of faculties in 2013 and 2017, as well as all existing study programs and plans for accreditation of new ones. For all this, a new, modern and renewed space is needed, so the Faculty Council makes a decision to resume the renovation of the Faculty building, thus making it one of the most organized and modern faculties of the University of Niš.

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At the end of 2016, the biggest hall of the faculty was restored - the Great Hall with 110 seats, and in 2018 a complete reconstruction of the internal part of the so-called "Old" buildings of the Faculty.
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As its latest challenges, the Faculty of Medicine introduced the retention test for students of the fourth and sixth year of the medical science program in 2018, established a laboratory for genetic research and a laboratory for HLA typing and harmonized all legal acts of the Faculty with the new Law on Higher Education.  



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