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The plan and program of education of sanitary and environmental engineers had the primary goal of creating personnel that are a link between high-level education and a doctor of medicine in the field of public health.

For this cadre there was a special need in major public health institutions where there are no suitable qualified staff at present. With all this in mind, as well as the demands of professional associations, the needs of large institutes and public health institutes, this cadre is considered to be available in all public health institutions. Changes in society, as well as in the healthcare system and institutions belonging to health require new educated professionals who fully understand health processes, organizational health problems, and have the knowledge and skills to adopt technical and technological innovations that require more complete and diverse professional knowledge of health workers. There is a growing need for continuous maintenance and development of professional expertise, for increasing or improving the acquired knowledge and skills related to health work that increasingly includes education in ethics, psychology, and computer science.

First-level professional studies at the higher education institution of the University of Niš - The Faculty of Medicine, for obtaining the name BACHELOR OF APPLIED SCIENCE IN SANITARY ECOLOGICAL ENGINEER, lasts for 3 years or 6 semesters with 4170 hours. The curriculum of this study program is designed to cover all aspects of public health. Medical education is accomplished through theoretical and practical teaching, through self-study for students, practice in healthcare institutions and the production of final professional work. The curriculum of this study program should provide students with the knowledge, practical skills and professional attitudes necessary for their independent work as a sanitary and environmental engineer.

The curriculum contains the list and structure of compulsory and optional subjects and their description. Subject description includes: title, type of course, year and semester of study, number of ESPB points, preconditions for enrollment of subjects, objective and subject contents, outcome of the learning process, literature for preparation of exams, way of checking the knowledge and way of passing the exam.



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