Course contents


First year

No. Course code Course  
1. СЕИ-I-1 Medicine and society  
2. СЕИ-I-2 Biology  
3. СЕИ-I-3 Anatomy  
4. СЕИ-I-4 Physics  
5. СЕИ-I-5 Medical informatics and management  
6. СЕИ-I-6 Physical education *  
7. СЕИ-I-7 Basics of general and analytical chemistry  
8. СЕИ-I-8 Medical statistics  
9. СЕИ-I-9 Еnglish language  
СЕИ-I-9 First aid  
10. СЕИ-I-10 Pathophysiology  
11. СЕИ-I-11 Medical physiology and biochemistry  
12. СЕИ-I-12 Organic chemistry  
13. СЕИ-I-13 Social medicine and hygiene  
14. СЕИ-I-14 Communication skills  
15. СЕИ-I-15.а Introduction to laboratory work  
СЕИ-I-15.б Non-ionizing and ionizing radiation  
16. СЕИ-I-16 Professional practice 1  


Second year

No. Course code Course  
17. СЕИ-II-17 Microbiology with parasitology  
18. СЕИ-II-18 Sanitary chemistry  
19. СЕИ-II-19 General epidemiology  
20. СЕИ-II-20 Instrumental methods  
21. СЕИ-II-21.а Metals in biological processes  
СЕИ-II-21.б Ecological biotechnology  
СЕИ-II-21.в Hygiene of school and working environments  
22. СЕИ-II-22 Medical ecology  
23. СЕИ-II-23 Occupational medicine  
24. СЕИ-II-24 Special epidemiology  
25. СЕИ-II-25 Microbiology of water and food  
26. СЕИ-II-26 Dietary hygiene  
27. СЕИ-II-27.а Family medicine  
СЕИ-II-27.б Quality of work in health care institutions  
СЕИ-II-27.в Mental hygiene  
28. СЕИ-II-28 Professional practice 2  


Third year

No. Course code Course  
29. СЕИ-III-29 Occupational protection  
30. СЕИ-III-30 Sanitary technology  
31. СЕИ-III-31 Disinfection, disinsection, deratization and vector control  
32. СЕИ-III-32 Introduction to bromatology  
СЕИ-III-32 Hospital infections  
СЕИ-III-32 Epidemiology of sexually transmitted diseases  
33. СЕИ-III-33 General toxicology  
34. СЕИ-III-34 Medical legislation  
35. СЕИ-III-35 Health education and promotion of health  
36. СЕИ-III-36.а Analytical methods in the assessment of chemical food contaminants  
СЕИ-III-36.б Immunoprophylaxis  
37. СЕИ-III-37 Professional practice 3  
38. СЕИ-III-38 Professional practice 4  
39. СЕИ-III-39 Graduation paper  




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