In the school year (2024/25), we will accept 57 candidates for the medical programme (Medical Doctor/MD programme) in English at Faculty of Medicine Nis.

Person Specification: Qualities necessary for the successful study and practice of medicine include, among others, academic achievement, good communication skills, emotional stability, maturity, integrity, diversity of interests, leadership, and motivation. The Admissions Committee considers the quality of all academic accomplishments of each applicant, as well as extracurricular experiences that demonstrate the applicant's initiative and enthusiasm.



Please note: Candidates need to meet the high school diploma requirements and complete the application form, will then be ranked based on the written entrance exam score.



In order to be considered for admission the following is required for all applicants:

  1. Application form - filled out. Application forms are available from the Office of Student Affairs and online as interactive fillable form (editable PDF) which you can fill, print and sign.
  2. Birth certificate and notarized translation into Serbian language.
  3. Provide a certificate that demonstrates completion of high school degree or equivalent. Original transcripts of all years from the High School and a High School Diploma accompanied by notarized translation into Serbian. Please note that for each document three notarized copies in total are necessary for admission. Two copies and original documents for the purpose of recognition of foreign documents submitted at Ministry of Education in Serbia, and one copy for the Faculty of Medicine, along with the certificate from the Ministry of Education stating that the nostrification process is under way, submitted at the Office of Student Affairs (Head Building, first floor).
  4. Photocopy of the passport (page with photo and personal data).
  5. Certificate demonstrating competence in English language (Any certificate issued by foreign language Schools/Institutes for foreign languages will be accepted). Applicants from native English speaking countries are excluded from this requirement. Faculty of Medicine Nis in its admission practice complies with federal non-discrimination laws relating to nationality, religion, citizenship, race, sex, age.
  6. Proof of payment for the 50 EUR application fee (Payment instructions are received directly from the Office of Student Affairs upon submission of documents).
  7. Pass the Faculty of Medicine Nis entrance exam that consists of chemistry and biology questions.

All documents should be translated and notarized by the certified court interpreter(s) in the Republic of Serbia and must be submitted at the Office of Student Affairs during the submission of documents timeframe.

Applicants who finished High School In Serbia are excluded from any requirements that pertain to translation of documents or submission of High School documents at the Ministry of Education in Serbia.

For the registration, accepted applicants need the following:

  1. Registration form
  2. Two Photographs.
  3. Student's Course and Grade Book ("Index").
  4. Student's Registration Form ("ŠV Obrazac")
  5. Proof of payment of the tuition fee (2750 EUR) for the first semester of studies (Payment instructions are received directly from the Office of Student Affairs).
  6. Medical certificate (Students Policlinics Nis).
  7. Health insurance for the current academic year (international health Insurance, issued in students own country, or in Serbia by relevant insurance company)
  8. Students' visa issued by the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
  9. Proof of payment for the 100 EUR application fee (Payment instructions are received directly from the Office of Student Affairs upon submission of documents).



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