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Study program of specialist vocational studies for acquiring the title VOCATIONAL NURSE - SPECIALIST. The expert medical nurse is based on the needs of the society for highly educated personnel in this field who are capable of following the progressive development of medical sciences in theoretical sense as well as from the aspect of professional skills. The program of specialist vocational studies provides graduates with a broad and solid basis for public health work, high competences in clinical practice theory, professional skills for implementing modern methods in providing care and patient care, research work and a leading professional role in resource management, cost control and quality in this field of health care and education.

In the first year of specialized specialist studies, a specialist nurse / technician may enroll a person who completed basic vocational studies, a study program professional nurse / technician with at least 180 ECTS. The order of candidates for enrollment in the first year of specialized vocational studies is determined on the basis of the general average grade achieved in the basic studies.

The studies last one academic year, that is, two semesters, a total of 960 classes and carry a total of 60 ECTS. In the first semester, theoretical and practical instruction in compulsory subjects is carried out (total of 600 hours of instruction), while during the second semester there is practical training (professional practice from the subject of elective block - 300 hours) and prepares final professional work (60 hours). The final professional paper consists of a practical part, written text and oral defense and is evaluated with 7 ECTS. The topic of professional work is in the field of one of the professional-applicative subjects.

In the structure of the program, academic-educational subjects are represented with 18.33% ECTS, expert with 41.66% ECTS and professional-applicative with 40% ECTS). The percentage of elective subjects is 23.33% ECTS. The study program has 9 obligatory and 2 elective subjects.

In the first semester, students attend theoretical and practical classes in the subject: Public Health, Fundamentals of Pedagogy, English Language, Health Management, Internal Medicine with Care, Care Surgery, Pediatrics with Care, Infectious Diseases with Care, and Methodology of Research in Healthcare, doc in the second semester they perform professional practice within the subjects of the electoral block and work on the preparation of the final work in consultation with the selected mentor.



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