Course contents


First year


No. Course code Course  
1. M-I-1 Molecular and human genetics  
2. M-I-2 Medical statistics and informatics  
3. M-I-3 Anatomy  
4. M-I-4 Histology and embryology  
5. M-I-5 Physical education *  
6. M-I-6 Medicine and society  
7. M-I-7 Introduction to clinical practice  
8. M-I-8.а English language  
M-I-8.b Chemistry in medicine 1  

* The course of Physical Education is facultative


Second year


No. Course code Course  
9. M-II-9.а Biology of the cell  
M-II-9.b Physics of medical diagnosis  
M-II-9.v Research principles and ethics  
М-II-9.g Chemistry of medicine 2  
10. M-II-10 Physiology  
11. M-II-11 English language in medicine  
12. M-II-12 Biochemistry  
13. M-II-13 Microbiology  
14. M-II-14 Basics of immunology  
15. M-II-15 First aid  


Third year


No. Course code Course  
16. M-III-16 Pathology  
17. M-III-17 Pathophysiology  
18. M-III-18 Pharmacology with toxicology  
19. M-III-19 Internal propedeutics  
20. M-III-20.а Communication skills  
M-III-20.b Medical genetics  
M-III-20.v Neuroscience  
M-III-20.g Homeostasis of water and electrolytes  
M-III-20.d Pharmaceutical and technological forms of medicinal preparations  
21. M-III-21 Professional practice 1  


Fourth year


No. Course code Course  
22. M-IV-22 Infectious diseases  
23. M-IV-23 Epidemiology  
24. M-IV-24 Radiology  
25. M-IV-25 Clinical biochemistry  
26. M-IV-26 Internal medicine  
27. M-IV-27.а Pathophysiology of sport  
M-IV-27.b Basics of histological techniques in biomedicine  
M-IV-27.v Interprofessional education  
M-IV-27.g Herbal remedies  
28. M-IV-28.а Clinical anatomy  
M-IV-28.b Clinical pathophysiology  
M-IV-28.v Clinical immunology  
M-IV-28.g Adverse effects of drugs  
M-IV-28.d Management in health care Dermocosmetic preparations  
29. M-IV-29 Psychiatry with medical psychology  
30. M-IV-30 Dermatovenerology  
31. M-IV-31 Nuclear medicine  
32. M-IV-32 Clinical microbiology  
33. M-IV-33 Professional practice 2  


Fifth year


No. Course code Course  
34. M-V-34 Neurology  
35. M-V-35 Clinical pharmacology  
36. M-V-36 Social medicine  
37. M-V-37 Hygiene with medical ecology  
38. M-V-38 Pediatrics  
39. M-V-39 Gynecology with obstetrics  
40. M-V-40 Surgery 1  
41. M-V-41 Occupational medicine  
42. M-V-42 Physical medicine and rehabilitation  
43. M-V-43 Anesthesiology with reanimatology  
44. M-V-44 Dietetics  
M-V-44.b Clinical embryology  
M-V-44.v Clinical pathology  
M-V-44.g Drugs and pregnancy  
M-V-44.d Neonatology Geriatrics  
M-V-44.e Tropical infectious diseases  
М-V-44 Palliative medicine  
М-V-44.z Physiology of exercise  
М-V-44.i Therapy of pain  
М-V-44.j Corpse examination and determination of the cause of the death  
М-V-44.k Practical urology  
45. M-V-45 Professional practice 3  


Sixth year


No. Course code Course  
46. M-VI-46 Ophthalmology  
47. M-VI-47 Surgery 2  
48. M-VI-48 Otorhinolaryngology  
49. M-VI-49 Maxillofacial surgery  
50. M-VI-50 Clinical oncology  
51. M-VI-51 Emergency medicine  
52. M-VI-52 Family medicine  
53. M-VI-53 Forensic medicine  
54. M-VI-54 Clinical practical teaching  
55. M-VI-55 Diploma paper  




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