Members of the Faculty Council



Academic assembly of the Medical Faculty of the University of Niš at a session held on 21.02.2019. In the same year, the Decision on the selection of members of the council of the Medical Faculty in Nis was adopted.


PRESIDENT OF THE FACULTY COUNCIL, Branislava Kocić MD, full professor


Members of the Faculty Council from the teachers and associates:

  • Prof. dr Andrija Šmelcerović
  • Prof. dr Ivan Jovanović
  • Prof. dr Nenad Stojiljković
  • Prof. dr Predrag Kovačević
  • Prof. dr Branislava Kocić
  • Doc. dr Vesna Marjanović
  • Doc. dr Olivera Radulović
  • Prof. dr Gordana Filipović
  • Prof. dr Zoran Pešić
  • Prof. dr Aleksandra Catić Đorđević


Members of the Faculty Council from the rank of employees in the Organizational unit of professional services:

  • Vesna Barišić, Senior Associate
  • Svetlana Stojanović, expert associate for scientific research


Members of the Student Council:

  • Nemanja Ivanković, student of medicine
  • Hristina Jovanović, student of PhD
  • Nemanja Ristić, student of medicine


Members of the Faculty Council delegated by the founders, i.e. Government of the Republic of Serbia:




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