About the Faculty



University of Niš Faculty of Medicine is a higher education institution, highly esteemed in the Republic of Serbia. Teachers and associates of the Faculty, with their professional, scientific, and pedagogical qualities have greatly contributed to its reputation, but also the students themselves, confirming the Faculty values in the country and abroad.

Basic tasks and aims

Faculty of Medicine, with its highly specialized, multidisciplinary, and coordinated work, contributes to the health of the general population and social welfare, by way of the organization, realization, and permanent improvement of all forms and levels of higher learning and research work in the area of medical sciences, and adequate health care activity in accordance with high national and international standards. Its mission is perceived as an incessant service to the general welfare of the society through its educational, research, and healthcare activity.

The Faculty effectuates its mission through:

  • Innovation, development, and transfer of knowledge through the process of education and research. Its educational, research and healthcare activities contribute to the quality education of doctors of medicine, doctors of dental medicine, pharmacists, and professional nurses/technicians, the knowledge and skills of which are harmonized with the employment demands of a wider geographical area.
  • Preparation of students to apply their knowledge and skills in practice, and be able to improve continually their professional qualifications. The Faculty will educate and train the students to be competent in their respective fields of expertise, providing them with sufficient knowledge for further learning and career advancement through doctoral studies, applied, academic, and healthcare specializations, and all forms and levels of continuing education.
  • Support of the economic and social development of the Southeastern Serbia, keeping a keen eye on all the social problems and needs, and offerring adequate solutions if required. In order to maintain and improve the health of the general population, the Faculty effectuates close cooperation with the regional health centers (especially with its teaching bases), top healthcare institutions in the country, and other academic, economic, and social institutions in Serbia and abroad.
  • Preservation and transfer of the academic spirit, creativity, and resourcefulness to its social environment, striving to create the environment in which the students, teachers and associates could satisfy their professional interests, improve their knowledge, cherishing the standard academic values such as integrity, collective spirit, solidarity, freedom of thought, responsibility, tolerance, objectivity etc., with each and every effort in quality assurance being properly recognized, acknowledged, and validated.


The Faculty is dedicated to the goals that involve the dissemination of educational and scientific experiences with a special emphasis on further development of knowledge and acquisition of skills that are necessary for active and informed members of society for intellectual and technological adaptation to the requirements of the environment that is in the process of change. In the next ten years, the intention of the Medical Faculty will become part of an integrated European area of education and research in medicine and to be one of the well-organized South Eastern European Faculties. As a public educational institution in a democratic society, the Faculty must adhere to the following principles:

  • to follow the path of autonomy, but also to take responsibility for the development of all faculty resources;
  • to provide students with professional knowledge appropriate to the new requirements of the local, national and international community;
  • to adhere to international standards by educating staff who will successfully fit into the global society and ensure the mobility of teaching staff and students;
  • to fully apply new educational technologies and to encourage cognitive processes;
  • to develop a quality assurance system in all areas of its operation the following principles of continuous improvement and implementation of modern achievements;
  • to strive for excellence in all forms of scientific research, including multidisciplinary areas, in order to contribute to the preservation and improvement of knowledge, especially when it comes to the region of the city of Nis and the area of southeastern Serbia.



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