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The activities of the Library are acquisition, processing and publishing of library materials (monographic publications: textbooks, practicals, atlases, monographs and serial publications: magazines). One of the services is interlibrary loan with libraries of other faculties in the country. Through the "Nikola Tesla" University Library in Niš, it is possible to borrow articles from foreign magazines and monographs. The library cooperates with the National Library of Serbia, the University Library in Belgrade "Svetozar Marković", the SANU library and the Matica Srpska Library in Novi Sad.

An important activity is access via KOBSON to available worldwide electronic services with over 35,000 titles of scientific journals in full text (Cambridge University Press, EBSCO, Highwire-Press, Oxford Journals, ProQuest, Science Direct, SpringerLink, Wiley Interscience) and about 40,000 book titles. (Cleveland Medicine Index, Pubmed, Springer-Link, and Google Books), as well as the most important index databases (Web of Science, Medline, Scopus, Serbian citation index).

We train users: teachers, associates (teaching assistants and assistants, research associates), doctoral candidates, students and specialists for independent work and the use of electronic sources and information. By opening licenses for KOBSON via remote access, working from home is enabled for employees. The library actively participates in the updating of databases of publishing activity, expert preparation of bibliographies of researchers, associates and teachers and monitoring of their citations. We regularly update the published works of our associates and teachers in indexed journals with IF (M21a, M21, M22, M23), which is visible on the Faculty's website in the survey results.

The work of the service is defined in more detail by the Rulebook on the Library's work, as well as the defined terms of use of the library's services.


phone: +381 18 42 26 712, ext: 204; 228

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Professional team of the Library Service:


The head of the Library Service is Aleksandra Radosavljević, a graduate in philology

Јелена Љ. Ковач Библиотекар
Гордана Д. Јовановић Самостални виши књижничар
Јелена М. Маринковић Књижничар
Тамара М. Милијић Књижничар



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