Specialist vocational studies



Specialist vocational studies are first-degree studies under the Law on Higher Education since October 2017. The study program of specialist vocational studies is based on the needs of the society for highly educated personnel who can follow the progressive development of medical sciences. At the specialist vocational studies, the scope of study achieved is 60 ESP (European System Transfer Points)

Specialist vocational studies provide a broad and solid basis for public health work and a leading professional role in health care. Students in specialist vocational studies - expand the knowledge acquired in basic vocational studies and acquire the appropriate qualifications in the field of study required for performing specific tasks within their profession.

Studies last one academic year or two semesters. In the first semester, theoretical and practical lessons are carried out, while during the second semester practical work is carried out (professional practice) and prepares the final professional work. The final professional work is in the field of professional applicative course and is prepared in consultation with the selected mentor. It consists of written text and oral defense.

 SSS sms
 Title conferred:


Official length of studies:
1 year  (2 semesters)
Total realized ECTS credits: 60