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VOCATIONAL SANITARY-ECOLOGICAL ENGINEER SPECIALISTS are organized from the border areas of medicine and train students to communicate efficiently and interact in an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary environment with the primary goal of acquiring and improving the habits of healthy living in a healthy environment, early and effective identification and removal of various harmful pollutants in the environment.

Specialist vocational studies Specialist professional sanitary-eco-engineer, who is closely related to public health, compulsory and elective subjects with a total of 60 ECTS. The set of compulsory subjects is the same for all students, and consists of 10 cases (total of 39 ECTS). After completing compulsory courses, students elect for 1 elective course (11 ECTS), which is organized in the field of professional practice, out of the offered 5 cases. Written final work carries 10 ECTS, which together makes 60 ECTS. The method of completing the studies is the public defense of professional final work.

The specialist study program provides the necessary knowledge and skills for analyzing and improving a complex public health system, public health functions and services that ensure the preservation and improvement of the health of the population, improving the quality of life related to health, preventing and controlling diseases, and supporting the promotion of efficiency and quality of health care provision protection, based on evidence from research and good packs. The specialist professional sanitary-ecological engineer has the task to improve and introduce methods of treatment, prevention and control of pollution of microbiological, chemical, radiological or physical origin, present in the environment. In doing so, he must first of all gain knowledge about how to protect himself in specific environments of the environment. The skills of public health management, the formation and functioning of multidisciplinary teams, the inclusion of all important partners in achieving strategic and operational goals, communication and the skills of implementing public health programs are being developed. The program of study in the field of Specialists is a professional sanitary-ecological engineer providing all necessary knowledge and skills that are necessary for achieving the short-term and long-term goals of health and sanitary care in Serbia, since the finished students are qualified for creative and innovative work and successful using their knowledge and skills in health and sanitary protection of the work and environment.

The experts of this profile can be employed in enterprises dealing with: food production, production and technology of water, then in health institutions, republican and municipal sanitary inspections, producer associations, health advisory services, public administration, private private entrepreneurship, science and primary health care.



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