About the study program



Specialist vocational studies VOCATIONAL INSTRUMENTAR NURSE-SPECIALIST are first-level studies for gaining professional title Specialist vocational instrument.

The recommendations of many European healthcare related associations are precisely based on the needs of a society for highly educated staff who can follow the progressive development of medical science by focusing on narrow special areas in which they can deepen their theoretical and practical skills aimed at providing what better quality nursing.

In the first year of specialized professional studies, a person who has completed basic vocational studies, a study program, a professional nurse with at least 180 ETCS or basic academic studies with 240 ETCS from the field of medical sciences can be enrolled. The order of candidates for enrollment in the first year of specialized vocational studies is determined on the basis of the general average grade achieved in the basic studies.

Study program Specialist vocational instrument lasts one school year with 60 ETCS (two semesters). The total number of hours in the study program is 1050, of which 615 active classes (300 hours of lectures and 315 exercises) and 435 hours of mentoring with students and lessons of professional practice.

In the first semester, theoretical and practical teaching is carried out, while during the second semester lectures are conducted in the subjects of the elective block, the professional practice of choice from one of the following subjects: Abdominal Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedics, Children's Surgery, Breast Surgery, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmologic Surgery, Plastic surgery, Gynecology, Otorhinolaryngology and preparation of final work. The program has 7 compulsory and 2 elective subjects. The final work is in the field of professional applicative subjects and is prepared in consultation with the selected mentor. It consists of a practical part, written text and oral defense of it and bears 7 ETCS.

The curriculum curriculum allows students to acquire basic knowledge, skills and attitudes from academic general compulsory subjects during one year of study (English language, Methodology of research in health and Management in health care); (Pediatrics with care, ORL with care, Ophthalmology with care, Gynecology and obstetrics with care) and vocational applied subjects (Instrumentation technique, Professional practice, Final work) .

Theoretical teaching and cabinet exercises are realized in the cabinets and cabinets of the Medical Faculty. Expert application parts of the program are realized at clinics where high-specific diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed, in operating salons and in surgical clinics of various specialties (abdominal surgery, vascular surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, etc.) it enables students to acquire knowledge and master practical skills in teamwork surgery - instrumental anesthesiologist, within the framework of a skilled professional area in nursing - instrumental loading into the operating room.