Selection of the best students



Publish date: 10/26/2018.

Faculty of Medicine in Niš sends invitations to students to apply for BEST SELECTION.



At the Faculty of Medicine in Niš there is a procedure for selecting the best graduate of the Faculty, the best graduates of the study programs of integrated academic and basic vocational studies, as well as the selection of the best students by the years of studies of integrated academic studies.

The best graduate is selected every year and proposes to the University for the award of prizes and awards, as well as other institutions at their request. Every year, the best students of the year from each of the study programs are also selected.

At the beginning of each school year, all graduates and students of all integrated academic studies, the Faculty has sent a  CALL FOR SUBMITTING.
The right to rank is determined depending on the degree of study for which the applicant is applying:
Правилником за интегрисане академске студије     1pdf
Правилником за основне струковне студије    1pdf
Criteria for selection of the best are:
  • Success during study and
  • Achieved success on the test of knowledge test from the subject of the so-called CORE CURRICULUM. 1pdf
The Commission for the analysis of the study efficiency tests the knowledge test and publishes the ranking list:
Ranking list of the best GRADUATES
Ranking list of the best STUDENTS by years of study   1pdf
The best graduates and the best students in the years of studies, the Dean of the Faculty, in a ceremonial manner, receive appropriate recognitions.