Course contents


Р.бFirst year

No. Course code Course  
1. ЗП-I-1 Gnathology  
2. ЗП-I-2 Fixed prosthetics  
3. ЗП-I-3 Tooth morphology  
4. ЗП-I-4 Anatomy of the head and neck  
5. ЗП-I-5 Physical education *  
6. ЗП-I-6 Medicine and society  
7. ЗП-I-7.а Preventive and pediatric dentistry  
ЗП-I-7.б Dietetics  
8. ЗП-I-8 Dental materials  
9. ЗП-I-9 Dental technology equipment and instruments  
10. ЗП-I-10 Medical physiology and biochemistry  
11. ЗП-I-11 Social medicine and hygiene  
12. ЗП-I-12.а Oral hygiene  
ЗП-I-12.б English language  
13. ЗП-I-13 Professional practice 1  


Second year

No. Course code Course  
14. ЗП-II-14 Jaw orthopedics 1  
15. ЗП-II-15 Tooth diseases  
16. ЗП-II-16 Organization of dental care  
17. ЗП-II-17 Emergency dentistry  
18. ЗП-II-18.а Health education  
ЗП-II-18.б Family medicine  
19. ЗП-II-19 Mobile partial prosthesis  
20. ЗП-II-20 Parodontology  
21. ЗП-II-21 Antisepsis and asepsis in oral medicine  
22. ЗП-II-22 Jaw ortopedics 2  
23. ЗП-II-23 Medical informatics and management  
24. ЗП-II-24.а Communication skills  
ЗП-II-24.б Risk diseases in dental practice  
25. ЗП-II-25 Professional practice 2  


Third year

No. Course code Course  
26. ЗП-III-26 Mobile total prosthesis  
27. ЗП-III-27 Skeletonized partial prosthesis  
28. ЗП-III-28 Oral medicine  
29. ЗП-III-29.а Basics of radiology and oncology  
ЗП-III-29.б Otorhinolaryngology  
30. ЗП-III-30 Implantology  
31. ЗП-III-31 Professional practice 3  
32. ЗП-III-32 Graduation paper